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Thunderball is part of The National Lottery, which has become very popular due to the huge prizes and jackpots that it can pay out. The live draw is on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. You can keep track of results, draw history and draw time online.


About Thunderball:

The Thunderball game is from The National Lottery and has risen to fame because of the huge jackpots that it can pay out. The aim of the game is to match all of the numbers on the card, including the Thunderball to win. The prize for doing so is £500K and unlike other lottery games, you’ll never need to split the winnings with your fellow players.

How to Play Thunderball:

The game takes place each Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with lines priced at £1 each. This value version of the lottery still gives players excellent chances to win with the added Thunderball twist.
To play the game, you must pick 4 numbers from 1 – 39 and then an additional Thunderball number. It can only be placed from 1 – 14, so there’s more chance of you getting any other ball in play.

Players can put as many as seven lines on each ticket and can then bet up to 10 tickets per order. If that’s too much hassle each week, then you can set up a payment plan to ensure that you don’t miss any of the draws. You can preselect your numbers for these or simply go for lucky dips each week if you prefer.

There are time restrictions on playing the Thunderball, as you have to get your lines before the game. You can get tickets for the games until 7.30pm on Wednesdays or 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It is to be sure that each player has their tickets fully processed before the games begin.

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Thunderball Pay Outs:

To take home, that £500K jackpot players need to match up all 5 numbers and The Thunderball too, which is the most valuable in this game, as without it that prize drops down to £5K.
Four of the numbers will reward players with £250, or £100 without the Thunderball. While the regular lottery requires you to have two numbers on your line to win at least a ticket back, you can win cash with just the Thunderball in this game. The Thunderball on its rewards players with £3 and as it’s easier to get this than any other number it’s more likely that you’ll win.

More than 50% of all ticket prices go back to players, so it has a high rate of return for a lotto game. The only rules to go along with this game are that the player must be situated in the UK and over 16 to play.

Contact Information:

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Our Conclusion:

The Thunderball is an excellent choice of lotto game because of the additional chances to win that it offers. The fact that you can win £3 gives it tremendous appeal and makes it a very worthwhile game to play. Plus, it’s on twice a week so you won’t feel like there’s a long wait between games either, making this a good all-rounder. It is also involved in the UK Combo.
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