Starburst Slot

About Starburst slot:

The Starburst slot is one of those games that’s cut down on all the tricks of the trade and has taken a rather simple yet extremely appealing approach to slot a slot game

It’s not often that you find a game that harks back to the day of simple slot games, where it was all about style over substance, simplistic and fun gameplay rather than flashy gimmicks and more features than a Swiss Army knife.

Developed by the team at Net Entertainment, the Starburst online slot is a beautiful little casino game that features exquisitely designed gemstones intermixed with a sci-fi sense of style and a gorgeous star-filled night sky in the background.

The Starburst slot game has a catchy electronic funk soundtrack that will have your head bobbing along in no time at all.

Wilds and Scatters:

The rainbow colour sparkling star is the wild in this game and can lock down entire reels. Once the reels lock, the Wilds will slowly expand them turning them Wild and granting you a free spin.

An excellent addition to the Starburst slot is that if you somehow manage to get all the reels turned into expanding Wilds, you have the chance of winning a colossal jackpot of 50,000 coins from this game.

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Although it’s a tad difficult to do, and you’ll rarely manage to activate it across all five reels. There’s no way to describe the satisfaction you’ll have if you even manage to get two or three reels to become Wild.

One of the best things about the Wilds in the Starburst online slot is that they can be chained together because if you manage to get another Wild to appear during that one free spin, you’ll immediately get another expanding Wild reel and another free spin.

So although there aren’t any bonuses, the Starburst Wild system will still land you a serious amount of cash if you manage to use it correctly.

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Bonus Features:

Although the Starburst slot contains no actual bonus rounds or fiddly elements that will distract you for hours, it keeps its gameplay simple and straightforward.

It is where its appeal lies as new players won’t feel intimidated by it, and veterans can play around with it if they’re looking for something they can relax with that requires little to no thought.

What it does have however is an interesting concept for its Wilds.


Our Conclusion:

Overall the Starburst slot game is a pretty fun to play around with, rounds can be over relatively quickly, and the simplicity of its gameplay means that you can go in with no real plan and just relax. All you need to think about is how often you’re going to spin the reels.

The Starburst slot is a great game for new starters and an excellent choice for veteran players looking for something simple. Although the lack of bonus features may be a bit of a deterrent for those looking for a more substantial game, it still manages to provide some interest through the use of its rather smart and particularly handy Wilds system.

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