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On casino websites, there is a veritable treasure trove of different mobile games to play around with, from roulette to video poker, Blackjack and best of all a tonne of different mobile slot games.

But what’s so right about mobile slot games?

Slot games may initially seem to follow the same formula, but they’re all different, from the way they spin their reels to the games that are sometimes so intricately designed you forget you’re playing a casino game.

They all have their interesting features and exciting bonus modes of either free spins, multipliers and more to keep you playing for hours on end.

But the problem is that there’s so many, with a lot of them plagued by various issues. For example, some might not be correctly optimised for your device, while others may work on your tablet but not on your phone.

It can be incredibly frustrating if you just want a quick game.

That’s why the staff here at have scoured the Internet to provide our users with the latest slot reviews and what devices they’re available on.

Our crack team of review writers all diligently play these games for hours on end to let you know what’s great about them, or if they’re bad what’s not so great, which games you should try out and which games you should probably avoid.

We make sure that all our reviews are up to date as humanly possible, and they all feature information about the latest game features, bonuses, and promotions.

Our job is to make your ability to choose the best mobile slot game to play and what website to play it on incredibly easy.

trollstale slider

Trolls Tale

July 27, 2015 •Slot Reviews754 •

About Trolls Tale slot: There’s no need to go looking under a bridge for Trolls; Trolls Tale is a fabulous slot with all the mythical monsters you need. This five reel and three-row game has fun characters and terrifying trolls, but don’t worry their...

Thunderstruck II slider

Thunderstruck II

July 18, 2014 •Slot Reviews3740 •

About Thunderstruck II: When it comes to legends, there are none cooler than the myth about the Norse gods, and in the Thunderstruck II slot, you get to experience what that’s like as you sit with the gods themselves and try to win yourself a small fortune....

aliensslot slider

Aliens Slot

July 11, 2014 •Slot Reviews3572 •

About Aliens slot: If there’s one thing that every science fiction fan loves it’s the Aliens franchise and more specifically the second movie ‘Aliens’, where a group of grizzled space marines gets picked off by a strange and scary alien...

mermaids millions slider

Mermaids Millions

July 7, 2014 •Slot Reviews3527 •

About Mermaids Millions: If you loved Disney’s The Little Mermaid then, Mermaids Millions by Microgaming is the slot game for you. Dive down deep under the sea and make some fishy friends who’ll be sure to help you uncover some buried treasures. This five...

starburst slider

Starburst Slot

June 25, 2014 •Slot Reviews4437 •

About Starburst slot: The Starburst slot is one of those games that’s cut down on all the tricks of the trade and has taken a rather simple yet extremely appealing approach to slot a slot game It’s not often that you find a game that harks back to the day...

avalon2 slider

Avalon II

June 10, 2014 •Slot Reviews3537 •

About Avalon II: We all know the Arthurian legend. The tale of King Arthur, who receives the magic sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake and then goes on adventures with his sorcerer Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. The Avalon II slot from...

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