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Oz Lotto was the first Austrailian National lottery to be created, the first draw was in 1994 and has taken place every week since. The biggest jackpot ever won was in 2012, and it was a huge $111 million! You can download the Oz Lotto app, so you can check the results and even get a ticket wherever you are.


About Oz Lotto:

Oz Lotto’s weekly draw takes place every Tuesday or Wednesday morning if you’re playing from the UK. It was the first National Lottery for those in Australia though others have since been created. The first draw took place in 1994 and has taken place every week since then with a different style of gameplay than most other lottos.

How to Play Oz Lotto:

The game is played with up to 11 numbers on standard tickets, but it can be played with as little as 7 numbers. The more numbers on the line, the larger the chance is to win, and it will cost extra to play. Each number is chosen from a pool of 45, with 3 required to claim a prize.

There are five different ways to enter into the Oz Lotto, and there are 7 divisions of winners. The first type of ticket is the quick pick, which is the standard 7 numbers selected at random. A marked coupon is the same ticket but with the numbers chosen by the player. If players choose a ticket but want to add on more numbers to their line, then they can top up their ticket.

A pick entry guarantees that at least one of the numbers on the line will be selected, which means that the player will, at least, get into one of the lower divisions.

Finally, the system entry stretches a number of numbers allowed to up to 20, though this is significantly more expensive.

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18+ New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C’s.

Oz Lotto Pay Outs:

The maximum jackpot ever won from an Oz Lotto game amounted to $111 million, which is roughly £60 million. It was won back in 2012, but there have been other significant jackpots paid out since then too. It was achieved by matching up seven main numbers. Two Supplemental numbers that are not as important. The odds of winning this first division is around 1 in 3,781,635 though it is possible as the millionaires of this lotto attest to.

Primary numbers are worth more to the player than the supplemental numbers even though they still enhance the jackpots. For example, 5 main numbers are better than 4 and an additional number, though it’s worth more with the supplemental one than without.

The minimum jackpot for an Oz Lotto draw is $2 million, which goes to the winner with all 7 numbers but the other players are split into prize divisions. In this lotto game, the player can win with just 3 main numbers and 1 supplemental number on their line. The odds of getting into the lowest division and earning at least one prize is 1 in 8, which is more competitive than many lottos.

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18+ New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C’s.

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