Mobile Operating System Updates: Pushing PokerStars Forward

The latest version of Apple’s iOS 9 has altered the way users now navigate through the myriad of features contained within their iPhone or iPad. Similarly, Android users are prepping themselves for the forthcoming release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is an operating system that promises greater stability and usability.

Naturally, as mobile devices become more sophisticated and nuanced, the scope for developers becomes greater. Instead of pushing players through a clunky series of menus and options, designers at companies such as PokerStars are now able to present more information in a more appealing and ergonomic way.

New Operating Systems Equal New Gaming Opportunities

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Of course, when a new operating system is brought online it not only gives developers the ability to usher in innovative features but also releases some features that have been on the backburner for a while. PokerStars recently announced the introduction of slot games for its mobile platforms, much to the delight of those who enjoy spinning for glory.

A few months after adding a selection of slots to its online platform, PokerStars upgraded its mobile app to include an initial selection of nine spinners. Although a smaller selection than the desktop platform, the new range of mobile slots has betting limits starting from as little as $0.010. Powered by NetEnt, the new selection of iPhone and Android slots include Reel Rush, South Park, Twin Spin and Starburst.

Although currently only available for a selection of countries, the new mobile casino games are set to be released across all PokerStars regions in the coming months. Fortunately, for those that don’t yet have access to mobile slots, the recent operating system updates have also given a new stability to the existing suite of games on offer.

A Host of Blackjack Products from PokerStars


Blackjack is currently available in two main forms inside the PokerStars mobile casino: virtual and live. The virtual version of the game is available in six main types, including Atlantic City, Atlantic City Premium, Atlantic City Double Deck, Classic, European, and Double Deck.

Betting at the lowest end of the spectrum starts at $0.10 per round for classic blackjack. Other games at the higher end of the spectrum, such as Double Deck, have minimum betting limits of $10 per hand.

In contrast to virtual blackjack, it’s also possible to compete with live dealers. Through a combination of live stream technology, RFID chips, and some talented dealers, players can ante-up from $5 using nothing more than their iOS 9 or Android device. In fact, the PokerStars mobile casino also contains live dealer roulette, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em, which will all benefit from the latest operating system updates.

With mobile platforms such as Periscope now becoming big business for users across the globe, there is an increased damage for better quality streams. Through a combination of upgraded devices and operating systems, the way in which streams are beamed to your mobile will gradually improve in the coming years. The upshot of this for players accessing PokerStars’ mobile platform is a more stable, smoother live dealer set-up.

Communication a Crucial Part of Modern Apps


Naturally, no mobile casino would be complete without roulette, and PokerStars has stocked its portal with two main game types: single player and multiplayer. While single player games have been around for a while, it’s the multiplayer aspect of the app that captures the current zeitgeist.

Communication has always been a staple feature of smartphone software. However, in recent years the advent of apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat have created a culture where people now expect more interaction when they load up an app. PokerStars’ multiplayer roulette is a product that conforms to this current trend, as, indeed, does its live roulette games.

Subtle Changes will make a Big Difference

Although the iOS 9 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates won’t directly change the ways in which the likes of PokerStars delivers casino games to customers, the upgraded software will certainly enhance the games already on offer. In fact, one of the most significant benefits of the latest iOS update is the battery preservation mode.

iPhone and iPad devices have notoriously suffered from poor battery performance in recent years. Apple has sought to rectify this with its latest update by enabling the system to switch off unnecessary functions as the battery reaches 20% life.

It is great news for patrons of PokerStars’ mobile casino because it will allow them to continue playing for as long as they want – something that was previously hindered by poor battery life. Of course, all these changes are very subtle and won’t be evident to the average user on the surface.

However, when you ante-up using your Apple or Android device in the coming months, you’ll start to notice marked improvements. Longer games, improved graphics and a wider selection of gaming options will all become apparent thanks to the increased scope developers will now have thanks to iOS and Android updates.