Mega Millions

About Mega Millions:

This American lottery certainly lives up to the name of Mega Millions, as it holds a world record for its payouts. This lotto has broken a world record for the largest payout in a single lottery with a prize of $656,000,000.

Mega Millions may be based in the US, but it’s open to players in the UK too, especially those looking for the best jackpots. The thing that makes this game a target for many lotto players is that there is no upper limit on the amount that the jackpot can be.

How to Play Mega Millions:

This lotto game is similar in many ways to the Thunderball, which may be one that more readers are familiar with. There are five standard numbers, which are from 1 to 75, and then an additional Mega Ball which can be between 1 and 15.

The Mega Millions draw takes place each Tuesday and Friday, with prizes rolling over into the next draw. If the prize is won, then it goes back down to the minimum of $15,000,000 – which is still a fantastic jackpot prize. Unlike many lottos, this one raises the minimum prize on a yearly basis, by an average of 5% per year.

It’s the Mega Ball that is the most essential when it comes to winning a jackpot in this game, as it makes every combination more valuable. Without the Mega Ball, the jackpots decrease significantly, though they’re never undesirable.

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Players must be 18 years old or over to play on The Lotter | Full T&C’s Apply. 

Mega Millions Pay Outs:

To get your hands on the full jackpot for the Mega Millions then you must match all five numbers and the Mega Ball. This jackpot varies due to tickets sold and whether or not there has been a rollover but it’s always impressive.

Then, if you’re missing the Mega Ball but still have all five numbers, the jackpot goes down to $1million. Four numbers and the Mega Ball pays $5000 and without the Mega, Ball players will win $500. The prize decreases with the amount of matched numbers but even if you only have the Mega Ball you’ll still win $1 back. It gives you your ticket price back, which is brilliant for matching just one number.

The odds of winning any prize from the Mega Millions lotto are 1 in 14.7, which still offer good chances of winning. These are enhanced if you play in a syndicate, as more tickets mean more chances to get a jackpot. The likelihood of taking home the top prize are 1 in 258,890,850 but again this can be improved with additional tickets.

Customer Support and Help:

If you have any problems using The Lotter for getting tickets or transferring money please use these contact details; Telephone (0800-1700-409) Live chat and Email.

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Players must be 18 years old or over to play on The Lotter | Full T&C’s Apply. 


Our Conclusion

The Mega Millions lotto game is one for those who wish to get their hands on serious jackpots. The jackpot gets better the longer it rolls over, and this is one that can change your life if you win. It’s a relatively cheap lotto to play too, as it sits at just $1 per ticket – which would be great value for a jackpot winner. Overall, Mega Millions is a lotto worth playing in especially with those top odds of winning cash back.