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Lucky 7 Combo draw time varies as they take place in different time zones. Like all lottery syndicates, Lucky7Combo's players are rewarded based on how much they put into the draw. So the more money put in, the more chances of winning an amazing payout. Check online for the daily results.


About Lucky 7 Combo:

Ever feel like just one lotto isn’t enough to give you a chance at a jackpot? Luckily there’s the Lucky 7 Combo to combat that feeling as it gives players entry into a different lottery every day of the week.
This syndicate combines 7 of the top lottos from around the world and puts them into one easy to play package. It even reduces the cost of taking part in each of them and brings it down to just 9p per line.

How to Play the Lucky 7 Combo:

Rather than getting a ticket for each of these draws through the week, players can buy shares in the Lucky 7 Combo Syndicate. These shares start at £7.77, so £1.11 per ticket – which is better value than purchasing individually. It consists of 70 lines, so it’s all about that magic number for these players. That’s ten lines per night on each game, so there are many chances to win.

The Lucky 7 Combo can be bought as a one-off or ordered as a weekly direct debit to save time. Players select how many shares they would like to bet and there’s a maximum of 70 within the syndicate. The number of players in the syndicate is capped to give the existing players a fair chance to win.

The Lucky 7 Combo includes French Lotto, OZ Lotto, PowerBall USA, Super EnaLotto, Euromillions, German Lotto 6aus49 and the El Gordo Primitiva. The jackpots for these games grow if they’re not won, and others are based on a number of tickets sold. It amounts to an estimated total jackpot of £120 500 000 per week though this can go much higher.

Once the player has decided on the number of shares they wish to get, the tickets are then bought on their behalf. Any winnings are totaled and paid out as detailed below and players can check what numbers the syndicate has online. The games all take place at varying times, as they take place in their native time zones, so you could even be winning a jackpot in your sleep.
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Lucky 7 Combo Pay Outs:

As with all syndicates, Lucky 7 Combo players are rewarded based on how much cash they enter into the draws. These are divided up into shares, and each one is worth a portion of the weekly prize fund. A single share is worth an estimated £1,721,428 of the jackpot fund though this changes with rollovers. By putting in more money and betting more shares, the player stands to benefit from an increased percentage of the winnings.

Contact Information:

If you have any problems using Play Huge Lottos for tickets or transferring money please use these contact details; Telephone(+44 800 011 9213) Live chat and Email.

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Our Conclusion:

The Lucky 7 Combo is a fantastic syndicate to bet shares in as it’s straightforward and you’re guaranteed ten chances to win each night. It collates some of the best lottos too so that you won’t be missing out on a Powerball jackpot or an impressive Euromillions win. Everything is simple to remember too, as there are seven draws, 70 lines and a weekly price of £7.77, so it’s ideal for those just starting out with syndicates.

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