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If you’re a fan of instant win and slot games, then the chances are that you’d enjoy a wager on the lottery too. Even the biggest progressive jackpot slots can’t match the winnings from games like the Mega Millions. These weekly games offer a brand new type of excitement for players, and we know all of the best ones to play in.

Here we’ll show you the sites that we recommend for your lottery fix, as we scout out the very best ones. We’ll give you an unbiased analysis of what makes the site useful, what they could improve and how much you could win. If you enjoy getting more bang for your buck then checking our reviews will ensure that you get it.

As the lottery becomes ever more popular, more sites have sprung up offering players the chance to buy their tickets. Our job is to check these sites out and figure out which ones have the top deals, before passing that information onto our readers. We don’t just check out UK lotto sites either as we’ve been searching far and wide for our favourite promotions. It includes Europe, Australia, and even America!

When you read our reviews, you’ll be able to find out which sites will give you the best bonuses and promotions too. Just the same as we enjoy getting our hands on free spins, we also love receiving free tickets, bonuses, and shares in combos. We’ll even tell you how much you could win with each combination of numbers!

Don’t worry if you’ve never played on the lotto before, all of our chosen sites are newbie friendly and ready to take out for a spin. They’ll guide you through the lotto process and even let you know when you win, so you won’t need to stay up late to catch the Oz Lotto draw. Dive in and get playing to become a lotto pro in an instant.


Lotto Agent

March 23, 2017 •Lottery28 •

Introduction: Lotto Agent is an intermediary between big state lotteries and lottery lovers from around the globe. Lotto Agent player can buy tickets from 20+ lotteries from the comfort of their own home, taking pleasure in diversity of world-famous lotteries...



March 11, 2017 •Lottery50 •

Introduction: WinTrillions is one of the biggest online lottery sites in the UK, and it lets you take part in different lotteries from all over the world either as an individual or as part of a syndicate. When you’re a member of, you’ll...


Lucky Lottos

August 9, 2016 •Lottery147 •

Introduction: We all have lucky charms that we like to have around when we play the lotto; maybe it’s a pair of lucky socks or a four-leaved clover. Whatever your lucky charm is, Lucky Lottos is about to come along and replace it – as they make every draw...


Play Huge Lottos

August 5, 2016 •Lottery150 •

Introduction: As far as jackpots are concerned, we always want to be playing in the games with the most substantial ones. At Play Huge Lottos, they know their players don’t want to be concerned with the small fry, they want the record breakers. If this...


Lotto Plus

August 2, 2016 •Lottery186 •

Introduction: Statistically speaking, when you play the lotto in syndicates, you are more likely to win. It is due to some factors, but the biggest one is the sheer amount of tickets that you’ll get a share of. It naturally makes syndicate play very...


One Lotto

April 7, 2016 •Lottery228 •

Introduction: OneLotto is a site that aims to give their players access to various draws all over the world. They boast jackpots from the US, Europe and, of course, ones in the UK too. It gives their customers the opportunity to take part in as many of these...


Lucky 7 Combo

April 5, 2016 •Lottery239 •

Introduction Ever feel like just one lotto isn’t enough to give you a chance at a jackpot? Luckily there’s the Lucky 7 Combo to combat that feeling as it gives players entry into a different lottery every day of the week. This syndicate combines 7 of the...


Euro Combo

April 5, 2016 •Lottery105 •

Some of the biggest lotto jackpots take place on the continent and though they’re in euros, they still make top prize funds. These can reach staggering heights, and the millions of euros that make up these draws can be played in one place, Euro Combo. The...


The Health Lottery

April 4, 2016 •Lottery244 •

Introduction: The Health Lottery is a site that combines smaller local lotteries across the UK to give their players unrivalled access to different pools. Every week players can take part in a different area’s lottery while knowing that their ticket price...


UK Combo

March 31, 2016 •Lottery229 •

Introduction Playing in lottery syndicates is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of winning as there are more tickets in the mix. One of these is the UK Combo on Lotto Plus, which allows players to take part in many games with no hassle. Simply put,...

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