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The Irish Lotto takes place on a Wednesday and Saturday. It has some of the biggest jackpots around due to the unlimited rollover. By using the Lotto Results Checker you can keep track of the lottery number results and the Daily Millions results.


About the Irish Lotto:

The Irish Lotto has been playing since 1987 and takes place on a Wednesday and Saturday. They guarantee a jackpot of at least €2,000,000, but the grand prize can roll over an unlimited amount of times. It means that the possibilities for this jackpot game are endless, as there’s no limit on how high it could go. The biggest payout for this Irish Lotto was €25,000,000 which was the result of several consecutive rollovers.

How to Play the Irish Lotto:

To play this game, you’ll select six numbers from 1 – 45, and you must match all six to win the top jackpot. Players can choose their numbers for this lotto or use the quick pick option to randomise them instead. These tickets can be bought online from some syndicates and individual websites.

The profits from the Irish Lotto go to good causes around the country and fund charitable projects. They support many recreational projects, like Baton Twirling groups, to emergency services, like St Johns Ambulance.

There is also a bonus number on the ticket that will significantly increase your payout. The additional bonus ball makes a huge difference to each level of the pay table. It acts like a Thunderball as you don’t need to have many of the matching numbers for it to take effect. It can make the difference of hundreds of thousands of euros, so it’s an exceptionally valuable bonus.

The Irish Lotto draws are broadcasted in Ireland on Wednesday and Sunday evening though it is possible to watch them elsewhere. The lotto plays at 8 pm on these nights, and all tickets must be purchased before 7.45pm on the day of the draw. They can then be purchased after the draw for the next one or players can set up a direct debit to do it for them.

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Irish Lotto Pay Outs

The Irish Lotto top prize is always upwards of €2,000,000, and this is achieved with six matching numbers on a single line. Matching five numbers and the bonus pays out €100,000 or without it pays €1,500. Down to four numbers and the bonus will pay €150 or without the bonus €50. Three and the bonus will bring in €25 or without the bonus €9. Finally, two numbers and a bonus gives players a €3 scratchcard, which can offer another chance to win.

The chances to win any of the prizes in the Irish Lotto are 1 in 29 per ticket, so the more you have, the higher these chances are. Playing in a syndicate can improve these odds further as they pool the tickets between all of the players.

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Our Conclusion

The Irish Lotto has some of the biggest jackpots around due to the unlimited rollover, so it’s great to play in. Waiting for a few rollovers isn’t necessary, though, as you’re always guaranteed at least a few million in prizes. While a bi-weekly draw may be a little too sparse for some players, for others it will be just the right amount for a lotto game. You can also increase your chances of winning by playing Irish Lotto in the syndicate UK Combo.

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