iOS Updates Are +EV for Mobile Players

iOS mobilecasino players

by Hakan Dahlstrom

What’s the one problem mobile casino and slots players have to battle against in the virtual realm? If you said lady luck, then you’d be correct, but what you’d also be overlooking is the hidden danger associated with mobile gaming: battery life.

We all know that bankroll management, game selection, and logical deduction are the keys to success in mobile casino gaming situations, but all of those skills count for nothing if your battery dies midway through a session.

Although smartphones are becoming ever more intelligent, this power has come at the expense of battery power in recent years, and that can play havoc with your gaming activities. When it comes to comparing the major operating systems, Android users have had a better time of late than iOS fans. However, a recent update from Apple means that iPhone players can now ante-up with more confidence.

Better Battery Means a Better Chance of Winning

iOS 9 will reportedly give users more battery life, and that means you can play more games, place more bets and, importantly, make more money. For example, when you’re playing online slots inside a UK mobile casino such as 32Red, the go-to choice for many spinners is Mega Moolah. This game is as one of the most impressive slots in the business thanks to a progressive jackpot that regularly exceeds the £1-million mark.

However, to claim this jackpot you need to put in some work, and that means spins, spins and more spins. Naturally, the more you play and the more spins you roll through, the quicker your battery will drain. Therefore, the latest news that iOS 9 will make it possible for players to continue playing for longer should be seen by every mobile casino fan as +EV.

Adding a New Touch to Casino Gaming

Of course, the flow of innovations for iOS casino gamers doesn’t stop at the new operating system. Anyone who picks up the new iPhone 6S will now have access to the Touch Force technology which means the screen can tell how hard or soft it is being pressed.

Although mobile casino operators such as 32Red, Europalace, Partycasino and their peers haven’t yet begun to explore this new technology, there’s no doubt that future app updates will harness this and allow users to adjust bets and make certain moves based on the pressure they exert on the screen.

Apple Makes Online Casino Gaming More Lucrative

Overall, the main takeaway from Apple’s recent updates is that mobile casino gaming is about to become more lucrative for everyone. By allowing players to play for longer and more efficiently by giving them better battery life and more intelligent screens, it means that there is more scope for making money than ever before.

Yes, lady luck and her fickle ways are always going to be a problem for mobile casino players. However, anyone who antes up via their iPhone can now at least forget about the issue of poor battery life ruining their chances of hitting a serious score.