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German Lotto 6aus49 is one of the longest played lotteries in the world. You can check online for the draw times, results and rules. Germanlotto's largest rollover was won in 2007 and the winner won a massive €43,382,458 jackpot.


About German Lotto:

German Lotto is the biggest lotto in Germany. Draw Time is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. German Lotto 6aus49 started back in 1955 and is, therefore, one of the longest played lottos in the world.

It is one for those that want to play in a long established lotto with excellent jackpots. The game started with just one draw per week, but the overwhelming amount of players prompted officials to add a second in 1982.

50% of all ticket prices of this lotto go directly to the prize fund. Users from other countries are also welcome to play in this lotto game, but their winnings may be affected by the tax. It will vary from country to country, so check with a local authority if you win.

How to Play German Lotto 6aus49:

This game has changed significantly over the years, with added draws and new gameplay. The most consequential of these changes was the addition of the bonus ball, known as the Superzahl, in 2013. It improved the odds of winning any prize, much in the same way that the Thunderball does in UK Lotto.

The name 6aus49 roughly translates to 6 out of 49, which describes how the game is played. Users select six balls that are numbered from 1 – 49 and the Superzahl from 0 – 9. It is slightly unusual for lotto games as a 0 is not always counted as a possible number. Players can randomise these numbers or select their favourites, whichever they prefer.

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German Lotto 6aus49 Pay Outs:

The minimum jackpot offered at German Lotto varies on each of the days, as they have separate prize funds. In this way, they function as two lotto games – so Wednesday jackpots roll over to the next week, not to the Saturday. The minimum amount on Wednesday is €1 million, and Saturday has a minimum amount of €2 million. The largest rollover was won in 2007 and stood at €43,382,458 as the jackpot had rolled over several times.

To win the German Lotto’s top prize, all of the numbers must be matches, including the Superzahl. The rest of the prizes aren’t fixed, however, as they are all a percentage of the overall prize pool. The top prize accounts for 12.8% of the pool and without the Superzahl this drops to 10%. The only fixed prize in this draw is the minimum, which is a €5 prize for matching two numbers and the Superzahl. All players in this lotto game have chances of 1 in 31 to win a prize from one line on a ticket.

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Our Conclusion:

German Lotto is unlike almost any other, and this can be refreshing for those who play lotto often. The 1 in 31 chance of winning might put some players off, but the jackpot more than makes up for the high odds. It’s a brilliant lotto to play in, and the Superzahl is a welcome addition, as the odds were 1 in 54 before it became part of the game.
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