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Euromillions UK live draw is at 8.00pm every Friday and Tuesday. Euro Millions has had some of the biggest winners in lottery history. Keep checking back for all of the latest results and draw times, you can even check the results history and raffles numbers.


About Euromillions:

One of the most famous lotto draws is the Euromillions UK, which makes millionaires on a regular basis. There were nine of these multi-million-pound winners in 2015 alone, and that’s not counting all of the other prizes paid out.

Players must be 16 or over to take part in this draw, which takes place twice a week. The balls are drawn on the selected day by an automatic selector in London, which is tested by an independent adjudicator.

The Euromillions UK draw is a UK based version of the more significant Euromillions game. Although this is a variation on a much bigger lotto, it has come into its own with billions of pounds given away. The difference between this and other versions of Euromillions is the addition of two lucky star numbers.

How to Play the Euromillions:

The Euromillions UK draw takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays each week at 8 pm and is available on UK channels. Players that are hoping to get a ticket for that night’s game must do so before 7.35pm on the day of the draw, Draw time is 8.00pm. These are open for purchase again directly after the draw.

The player picks, or randomises, five regular numbers and then further two bonus numbers. The five regular numbers are drawn from 1 to 50, and the two lucky stars numbers go from 1 to 11, so they’re statistically easier to guess.

Euromillions players can have up to seven lines per slip and as many slips as they would like to have. These can also be set up to auto pay with the same numbers or with lucky dips.
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Euromillions Pay Outs:

The lucky stars numbers are all important when it comes to the jackpot prizes available in the draw. Unlike some other jackpot lotto games, the Euromillions UK is split by percentage instead of a set sum to each winner. It is because of the sporadic nature of the prize fund, as it can become a massive prize pool.

Prize Breakdown? The winner with five correct numbers and both lucky stars collects 32% of the prize fund, which is the jackpot prize. The same five numbers and one lucky star gives a player 4.8% share of the cash, but without the lucky stars, it is equal to 1.6% of the prize money. It then decreases to 0.7% as the numbers fall, but this is still equal to an average of £70, dependant on the overall jackpot. The chances of winning any prize are 1 in 13 on every line, and the lucky stars make this game incredibly lucrative.

Contact Information:

To contact the people behind Euromillions UK, either message their live chat, e-mail them or call them by their customer support line.

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