By the Pull of a Lever or a Push of a Button

Anyone who has ever walked the casino floor knows the energy that surrounds the pit. It is nearly impossible not to stop at a winning craps table to help cheer on the winning roller or stand over the shoulder of a winning blackjack player hoping he beats the house and jump up and down for him when he does.

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The enthusiasm is contagious and, for some; it can be hard not to join in. For others, it can be overwhelming, but the lure of the game is hard to pass up. What can you do?

Something for Everyone:

Luckily, for the more private player, there are many options to enjoy the games without the attention. If you are in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo or one of many worldwide cities full of exciting and colorful casinos. Many of the games crowds enjoy in the pits are also available for more private play on your very own slot deep in the aisles of machines, where the magical bells ring out constant winners, but you are free to play without a crowd of onlookers.

Another option is playing online. From poker to roulette to slots, every casino game is now available online, and some retain their familiar old fashioned look to make you feel as though you are sitting in the glamor and glitz of a real casino. While the drinks may not be free, you are free to play in your pajamas day or night, whenever the mood strikes you. In some cases, you can have the best of all worlds and play pit games on online slots!

Oh Crap!:

Craps are by far the most intimidating game to start playing at a busy casino, especially when the table is winning. It can be hard to push your way up to the front of the group and harder yet to get a bet in when the table is rockin’.

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If you want to play craps at the casino with the privacy of a slot machine, you’re in luck. Shoot to Win Craps machines is the big thing in many casinos these days. They make it easy first to learn the rules of craps and then play, without any peer pressure from a table full of more experienced players. The rules are the same. 7/11 wins on the Come Out roll and 2,3 and 12 lose. Every other number becomes the point number until it is either thrown again and wins or 7 is thrown, and everyone loses.

The great thing about machine craps is that you can place or cancel bets at any time without upsetting the mojo of the table. The large dice that gets rolled in the center of the game are legit and make the game more realistic and fun for each player. You still have to keep pace with the game, so if you are a slow learner, online craps might be for you.

You have even more privacy, and you can learn at your pace with absolutely no pressure. Most online casinos have practice plays before you even start betting real money. Again, rules are the same and the odds are laid out clearly on the screen. Some even have artificial cheering crowds to make you feel like you are living it up at the casino.

Spin the Wheel!:

Roulette is another casino favorite that’s not hard to attract a crowd once people start winning. You can place bets on numbers, group rows, black, red, odd, even, zeros, corners, splits and any other almost unlimited combination of those above. Virtually every spin someone wins, and it can get pretty energetic with a large crowd around a small table.

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Roulette is one of those great games that is also available with privacy at your roulette video/slot machine or the even better privacy of your home with online casinos. The rules are all the same as the table game, but you can take your time making bets as no one is rushing you by spinning the ball. You can make large or small bets, and you can even play penny slots in many casinos, real and online. Online roulette offers even better sources for learning as you can refer to the rules, bet types and odds of each bet at any point in your play. You can even practice playing at most casino sites for free.

Video/Slot and online roulette can be colorful, and fast-paced fun for any gamer and recent updates in operating software on most mobile devices make enjoying roulette and other casino games on the go even easier and more visually vibrant. The best part about mobile roulette is all you need is time to make just one bet as opposed to the time commitment of playing a whole poker game.

No Need for a Poker Face!

Poker was one of the very first pit games to go electronic, and since the first poker machines appeared in the early 1970s, video poker has become one of the most popular “slot” machines out there. With over ten different variations, including All American, Deuces Wild and Super Aces to name a few, video poker machines are almost always full of live casinos and super popular online as well. The rules for each game mirror the live games and most machines and online casinos have rules easily accessible at any time.

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Most people know the basic poker hands, so it is an easy game to pick up quickly. One of the benefits of both video poker and online gaming is there is no one to fool. The machine or computer can’t read your face so no need to waste time bluffing. You either have a good hand or not. Most video poker games play with one 52-card deck, making it reasonable to estimate hands.

Mobile devices offer hundreds of poker game apps you can practice on before heading to an online casino to bet real money, and online betting has become even easier and more secure with the acceptance of the recent Bitcoin system. Digital currency makes gaming from your computer, phone or tablet even easier no matter where you are, and it’s cheaper to use than your credit card.

Hit Me!:

Playing pit games via slots or online would not be complete without everyone’s favorite Vegas game, Blackjack (or 21). It’s doubtful a single person has gambled in one of the almost 7000 casinos in the world without stopping at a blackjack table at least once. An easy game to learn, there are still rules and basic strategy to understand.

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Like live games, blackjack slots and blackjack online games offer options such as how many decks you play with, whether the dealers have to hit or stand on 17, and rules for splitting and doubling down.
There are many benefits to playing online. Like other online games, rules can easily be accessed, and you can change games almost instantly once a hand is played. One of the best parts of both blackjack slots and the online version is that it is just you against the dealers, and no other person can join the table mid deck and ruin your strategy.

With so many gaming options these days, a great strategy to work your way up to the live tables is to start with slot versions of popular pit games; learn the game and create your strategy. Or, play online so that once you get to a casino (if you ever get there once you start having fun online), you can start at the video slots to refresh and find your casino mojo. Finally, enjoy the crowd, if only once, and let them cheer you on. Pay the winner!


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