Aliens Slot

About Aliens slot:

If there’s one thing that every science fiction fan loves it’s the Aliens franchise and more specifically the second movie ‘Aliens’, where a group of grizzled space marines gets picked off by a strange and scary alien menace, and it’s even better as the Aliens slot game.

In the Aliens slot game from Netent, you get to experience that terror first hand as you’re flung into an abandoned colony to find out what happened to its previous owners.

The browser has a nice sci-fi design that looks straight out of the movie, and there are different creatures and items within the symbols from the Aliens franchise. Even the spin button is within the signature motion tracker from the movies; every click sends out the familiar ‘tap.’

The Aliens online slot has five-reels, three-rows and using fifteen pay lines, and its RTP (Return to Player) is 96.4%.

Wilds and Scatters:

The Weyland Yutani logo is the Wild in this game, and it will substitute for all the other symbols in your winning combination.

Level Up Feature:

The Aliens slot game has a unique bonus in that instead of using Scatters to activate; it’s unlocked merely by getting a successful spin round. There are three bonus levels in total, the search, the encounter and the hive; each one has its unique features and symbols that can land you a substantial amount of money.

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The search is your starting area; the goal is to fill this bar up to progress to the next level, although every unsuccessful spin will slowly empty the bar. For every successful spin in the Aliens slot, you’ll fill up the bar at the top of the screen causing the chilling ‘ping’ from the movies to play out.

The Encounter:

All the multipliers collected from the previous round will carry over into this round. This is the game’s free spins feature.

The goal of this mode is to fight your way through the alien horde while conserving ammo, spend too much ammunition you’ll be thrown back to level one. You can collect more by hitting the ammunition symbols on the reels.

The Hive:

Deep within the alien queen’s hive your sole objective, eliminate the queen and her eggs. Again your multipliers carry over for this round only this time for every successful spin you’ll damage the hive’s health. You can cause more damage and complete it in fewer spins by collecting grenade and ammunition symbols in your winning combinations on the reels.

Once you complete this area, the number of steps it took along with the multipliers awarded is then tallied up and added to your total winnings.


Our Conclusion:

Mobile Slot Sites is a big fan of this slot and for any fan of the Aliens franchise, this is worth checking out. It has the same familiar atmosphere of being stuck in the dark with the drooling and utterly terrifying Xenomorphs. Although the levels and bonuses are a little difficult to activate fully, it’s still a pretty fun game.

You’re guaranteed to get several hours’ worth of entertainment from this Aliens Slot from its superb gameplay to all the little references and nods to the franchise that fans are just going to love.

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