About Us

About us?
Well, we are mobileslotsites.com, and we have one thing in mind, signing up and reviewing the best Mobile slot games and casinos.

Here at Mobile Slot Sites we provide the latest reviews, unique offers and promotions for all the best mobile casino sites.

We have a great team of dedicated writers that have scoured various websites and forums for the latest mobile slot games and promotions out there so that we can then, in turn, tell all our wonderful members about them.

Our team loves just one thing, and that’s mobile slot games.

But why mobile slots?
The mobile market over recent years has expanded considerably; people no longer use phones for just calls or texts. They are now portable computers, cameras, planners and even gaming centres.

With that in mind, we decided to create a website based around the mobile gaming market since it’s relatively new and is already growing exponentially.

We also understand how incredibly difficult it can be at times to find a decent mobile casino site or good slot games. Considering how diverse the market is and how smartphones and tablets have the annoying issue of games working on one format but not the other. We know how frustrating it can be to have your favourite game work on your phone but not on your tablet or vice versa.

Some of the best games around at the moment are on the mobile market, so we decided to create a website dedicated to those gamers who want to play the games their way and on the go.

We had in mind the group of people that like to access their favourite casino sites and play slots no matter where they are or what they’re doing, a group that’s usually overlooked because of the lack of mobile support slots get.

But now they will no longer have to suffer in silence because the Mobile Slot Sites team is here to help.